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The chances we take

Have you ever thought that 7.8 billion people experienced today in 7.8 billion different ways? If that isn’t utterly astounding, I don’t know what is!

The tyrannies of life can hold us down ever so often, but life is not stagnant. Stagnant is scary. Stagnant is dreadful. Stagnant is terrifying. Even moving one step ahead is better than not taking the leap at all.

Recently, I encountered a situation that I thought would go a certain way, but instead, it went southward. Feelings of dissatisfaction followed it, but then a thought hovered my wistful reverie that I couldn’t ignore. I thought to myself that the unique situation that I was in was something new that I jumped into, hoping for the best. The unknown territory could be made familiar only by entering it, I thought to myself. More than anything I was happy that I gave my idea an opportunity to bloom by taking a chance.

Life has a funny way to present opportunities, and if there is one thing that I have understood, it is that trusting your gut can go a long way. Sometimes taking a chance is all we can do because there is always the “what if?” factor.

That incident made me think of the opportunities I might have disregarded because of not being prepared to face the outcome of a situation or simply not being ready to take a chance to explore the unexplored.

In the end, it all amounts to the chances we take.

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