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Oceans Between Us

Mid-March in the year 2020 was when majority of the world had gone into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, more than a century after the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. It was just another day for every John, Peter, Anita and Hanna till they were ordered to quarantine themselves in their homes. One would thank their stars if they were in their hometowns when the lockdown commenced. All means and ways of transport ceased to operate, and thousands of families were separated and many still remain apart.

We were suddenly plunged into a time where social distancing became a norm. Humans are social beings and thus this lockdown proved to be a test for our very core characteristic. Video calls and working from home soon replaced joyous gatherings amongst friends and family and the morning hustle to work. Doctors and nurses put their own lives at risk to treat patients with the virus and in no time, the availability of masks and face shields became a crisis.

Netflix and Prime Video became people’s saving grace as time spent in front of a screen won the race. Birds soared higher and flowers bloomed wider to rejoice the sudden lack of exploitation of nature as humans were cocooned in their homes.

Unexplored talents were explored as everyone was trying to come to terms with this new ‘normal’.

Mental health deteriorated for some, as living in isolation wasn’t as fun.

A child cried for his mother who was stranded on a continent another.

Cafés, restaurants, parks and clubs were deserted just as the government had alerted.

Birthdays had become virtual and everyone wondered whether this would become a ritual.

Preventing the virus to spread is a path difficult to tread.

Hearing about the increasing number of Coronavirus cases only made one gasp and cover their faces.

We salute our Covid-Heros – our doctors nurses and scientists- who worked in situations acute.

When one day a successful vaccine is introduced and the pandemic subsides, when our families are finally restored and there aren’t oceans between us, we will all silently pray for the lives lost in the fight against the virus and never take the people in our lives for granted, for sadly we only realise the true impact of our friends and family in our lives when we are made to socially distance ourselves and are left yearning for their company.


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