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Classical music: a stress buster? + The top 5 classical music I swear by!

We live in accelerated times (though situations might be different due to the coronavirus pandemic) and sometimes it just isn’t an option. The hustle of work, commitments, social lives and the other few hundred things we strive to achieve might be having an adverse effect on our body and we might have been too busy to even notice! Often people over-work themselves which could cause severe sleep-deprivation and an increase in anxiety.

In stressful situations our cortisol levels increase which in turn increases our heart rate. Having high blood pressure is extremely fatal and as more people are becoming aware of it, they are starting to make conscious efforts to regulate their stress levels.

Something that really piqued my interest is that classical music seems to serve the purpose as a notable stress-buster. The harmonious tunes of classical music induce feelings of calmness in people as the hormone dopamine is secreted into the blood.

Dopamine results in the depletion of the cortisol hormone’s level in the blood, thus relieving stress and uplifting the mood.

An interesting study showing that ‘music can facilitate blood pressure recovery from stress’ -

I have always been a devoted classical music listener even before I realised its benefits. Whether its Mozart or Beethoven, I’ve heard their compositions up to an almost annoying level! ( at least that is what my brother has to say!). The effect that classical music has on me definitely cannot be replicated by any other music genre :)

Here are the top 5 classical music pieces I swear by :

1) Mozart- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K.525-

2) Tchaikovsky- Swan lake -

3) Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata -

4) Beethoven – Für Elise -

5) Vivaldi – Four Seasons -

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