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Changing Opinions

It's easy to compartmentalize things based on whether you like or dislike something. You may like that particular shirt and may dislike that movie. Though it is important to note that over time, as people evolve and change, opinions may mould and change.

It's quite simple. As we grow and experience new experiences and as "life happens" we may outgrow some opinions that we held strongly at some point in life. For example - a very absurd example but this example is what actually led me into writing this blog post - just a few days ago, I applied this perfume before heading outside. I probably used it for the first time in 3-4 years. That bottle laid on my dressing table, absolutely untouched for years. I will go to the extent of saying that I actually detested that perfume's smell (I don't even know where that perfume came from really). Out of nowhere, I decided to apply that perfume because it had been so long. To my surprise, I really liked the way it smelt and I was taken aback. Though this example is rather trivial, it made me ponder upon how over time, our views on ideas or things may drastically change.

'Being open to new ideas' and 'flexibility', are some words and phrases often used but I generally love how not being rigid and fixated can actually invite newer experiences into our lives. It just makes life more enriching and wholesome.

Of course, having an opinion and stance on a particular subject is a good thing but I've also added the element of 'it being moulded with the passage of time' to allow us to evolve as we go along with life because if we're fixated to a certain belief, life will go on but we might get left behind, who knows?


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