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A video that is the need of the hour

In the times we're currently living in, it's very easy to get sucked into feeling low and dejected. Anxiety and stress have become rather common words in our vocabulary and we're constantly on the outlook for a release or a stress-buster.

Something that has helped me immensely when I feel anxious, low or distressed in any way, is the Heartfulness Relaxation. The relaxation audio, which is just over 7 minutes, is a guided session. The aftereffect is magical; the guided relaxation never fails to surprise me. Sometimes I sit to do the relaxation half-heartedly, convinced that it won't work but each time it has left me feeling absolutely stress-free. It is a very liberating feeling. Though this is what I have experienced and people can have varying experiences.

The benefits of the Heartfulness Relaxation can really only be experienced. To anyone who is looking to feeling de-stressed or in general, wants to escape from the hustle-bustle, I strongly recommend this relaxation audio.

Listen to the Guided Heartfulness Relaxation below:

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