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Pondering Prague...

The city of Prague, also known as the city of a hundred spires, has its unique captivating charm which has made such an impact on me that I hereby dedicate an entire blog post to it! 🏰

Simply walking down the narrow cobblestone lanes of Prague’s Old Town, will transport you to a carefree state of mind because there’s something so comforting about this city. With its quaint buildings, steeped in great history and washed in every possible pastel colour, the city of Prague has my heart.

Breathtaking views on a casual walk down the Old Town Square...

Before I talk about the places we visited and some of the restaurants we ate at, I wanted to share the picturesque view from my room's window which I was so grateful to have!

If we didn't have a jam-packed itinerary, I could've spent hours looking out of the window with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

Astronomical Clock:

Located in Old Town Hall, a medieval masterpiece dating back to the 15th century, Prague’s Astronomical Clock is a must-see attraction for visitors. When we were researching which archaeological sites we should visit, somehow, we did not keep our hopes up high for this site because it seemed to be a mere clock and we wondered what was so special about it. Although, seeing it in person was a unique experience.

It is in fact one of the oldest functioning astronomical clocks of its making, in the world. The exterior of the clock was rich in Gothic and Renaissance styles of work which was a very impressive and captivating sight. Additionally, the clock’s hourly procession of animated figurines, which represented symbolic figures, was something worth watching!

Prague Castle:

We chose a sweltering hot day to visit Prague Castle, but it was totally worth it. The Prague Castle includes St. Vitus’ Cathedral, St. George’s Romanesque Basilica, a monastery, several manicured gardens, and defence towers. We took around 3 hours to thoroughly explore Prague Castle. Throughout the castle, the architectural diversity represented several styles from Gothic to Baroque and Renaissance. The castle really stands as a splendid example of Prague’s rich cultural heritage and architectural grandeur.

St. Vitus’ Cathedral

We tried one of Prague's traditional desserts known as the Trdelník. It's something made from dough which is later baked and topped with sugar and walnut.

A Trdelník

Infinity Book Tower in Prague’s Municipal Library:

An absolute paradise for book lovers, the Municipal Library was visually stunning and gave us an immersive experience of the rich history it was steeped in.

The library showcases a unique showcase of the endless spiral of books known as the ‘Infinity Book Tower’ which has a mirror at the bottom of the book pile, so it creates an illusion of a collection of infinite number of books. Another interesting fact about this library is that the oldest item in their collection is a print of the Prague Bible from 1488.

The Infinity Book Tower

Charles Bridge:

This historical bridge spanning the Vltava River is simply a bridge that has become a popular tourist site because of its picturesque views of the city’s skyline. This is a must-go place for anyone visiting the city!

📍Charles Bridge

Café Louvre:

This legendary café in Prague is steeped in utmost elegance. The décor and entire ambience of the café transports back in time. Among a couple of beverages and dishes we ordered, their waffle with strawberry cream was mouthwatering and it's safe for me to say that it was the best waffle I have ever had to date! You HAVE to order that if you happen to visit this café!

Just the most mouthwatering waffle ever- Waffle with strawberries & cream

Restaurants we really liked and would recommend:

Oliva Verde- Italian restaurant

Five Rivers- Indian restaurant

Additionally, apart from having gelato from local gelato trucks, I loved the gelato at Amorino Gelato!

and of course, I went in for the Belgian Dark Chocolate gelato...

Prague is an exceptional destination to visit that I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone. Just spending a few days here was enough for it to make an impact on me. It definitely has something to do with the timeless grace this place possesses along with the captivating stories every corner of this city has to provide.


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