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Observing not Absorbing

I came across this quote a while ago and couldn't help but ponder over it.

I often find myself giving an emotional reaction to situations and over time, there is a possibility for it to become exhausting.

In today's world, I believe that the art of observing and not absorbing can be a valuable skill which may help one to maintain a clear and balanced mind.

Being able to discern what to absorb and what not to, would help one to remain focused and centred, allowing us to better understand a situation and make more informed decisions that aren't clouded by our emotions.

An example of observing something and not absorbing the information would be watching or reading the news without getting consumed by the information being provided. Not absorbing the information helps us analyze the information objectively and use it to better understand our environment.

In my experience, it can be rather challenging to resist the temptation to become emotionally involved in what we observe. This approach requires a lot of discipline but over time it may benefit aspects of our lives in more ways than one.

Image: "@wetheurban"- Instagram.


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